Eye Deh A Mi Knee

Sean Paul


Yo yo, yagga yo,
See from we, see from we, see from we

Say from we Eye deh a we...... Knee
We a the gal them star...a we a them parring..... P
Right next to the S to the P that's where they'll....be
From left onto right, from A back down to the ...Z
Just bring all the gal them come onto we....so we sing say

Verse 1:
So we love how she fit inna the clothes with the fat piece of twingy twanga exposed (God Knows)
Gal model and gal no stop pose ?ause you naw drop off like Mikey J's nose (It shows)
Top gal and me well want a doe so come on baby girl it's time to get close (Get close)
And I don't mean to brag nor to boast...

Verse 2:

So you dip, so you rock so come on just swing pon the (click) so we can get along
Tight frame and your body a say one, you a the bomb, let me give you the pumping action
These ladies want satisfaction so they run to the man on the microphone stand
Sean da Paul him a the girls don....

Verse 3:

We keep drilling it and we keep filling it and all this time say we never put a pill in it
The gal them say them love how we still in it, we free willin' it and know we can't stop killin' it...
Ever thrillin' it, we value and we illin' it and from we deh ?out inna them life nothing ill in it...
Say them want all the jockey with the ring in it..

Chorus (repeat)
Verse 1
Chorus (repeat)

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