Flash Tan Queen

Reo Speedwagon


Diamond studded man
Ruby coated plan
Makes my heart ache to think that money could take you from me
Midnight dream
Almost made me scream
Nightmares came now that money took you from me

Well, you're a flash tan queen from the southern shores
Like a rotten peach layin' in the Georgia sun
Well, you can lay all day, get your back real brown
But a dollar can take away your frown

Fat rat queen
Golden limousines
All of these things just come between you and me, yeah

Lacy white gown
Just makes me wanna frown
My heart aches now that money's taken you from me



Shakes me apart
Make believe hall
I'm feelin' like a flower stuck on somebody's wall

Midnight dream
Lord it made me scream
My heart aches now that money took you from me


Oh, you're a flash tan quee

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