Girls & Guitars



(feat. Kirko Bangz)

[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]
Uh, I be that nigga from the east side
Put my daughter up in your pussy, I don’t need no prize
And you don’t need those guys
These versace shades you don’t need those guys
I’m the reason that you left that guy
Now and I check the guy if he get outta line
And I ain’t here to stress you out, I’m here to stratch it out
And I’mma make it mine and I can put you in the spotlight
I can put you I can put you in the limelight
Yeah girl tell me when the time right
That pussy cold I’mma hit it with my klondike
Yeah and I just wanna fuck with you, them other girls can fuck with you
And that nigga he in love with you, but I just wanna bust it lose

[Hook x2]
I love the way that you feel
I love the way that you talk
I love it cause you so chill
I love the way that you walk
I’m so in love with your style
And you been working so hard
So I’mma make my way to your crib
And let you play this guitar

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Uhh back it up, I love it when your jeans show your panties, uh
And I’m grabbing on your waist cause I’m hard as fuck
Uh I don’t want to waist time, we can take it slow
Couple overnights, couple x and o’s
Now I gotta take a flight now you’re back at home
Can’t sleep at all, cause you alone
Ain’t comfortable you need me right there right there
I love how your booty soft
Man I really wanna take you down
And I love how she ride the top right after sex
And she right with yall, true, man I’m really loving you
Really wanna put my tongue on you
Ain’t no telling what the tongue will do
Make the orgasm last longer then it’s supposed too man

[Hook x2]

Say anything you want
Girl you know that you can have it baby (have it girl)
I got everything you need, Ain’t even gotta ask me baby

Tell me what you want (what you want)

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