Rose Of Jericho (The Waltz)

Michael Patrick Kelly


He asked her hand in dance
As they played a waltz
She slipped, he grasped the chance
The fire burned down the wall
And thus became the waltz

And she got dressed to kill
For he asked her out to dine
The waiter sneaked on the thrill
A first kiss tore down the wall
And thus came the waltz

Like a Rose of Jericho watered in the sun
Now she goes letting go of her soul
Breathin´ with new lungs
Like a knight he takes the blows
´til the dragon´s won
As he fights to free her soul
The kidnapper is outdone
Heart on heart lights the spark

What a gem, o finest of men

An Eden like romance
Snow White came back to life
Her sigh, his breath, their dance
O timeless mindless time // o blessed plan
Of the great mastermind

Turn, turn, flow, flow, turn

Höre Rose Of Jericho (The Waltz) song