What's Wrong With Me



During these years I've changed my view
but at least I'm still here.
Whatever I do
You're quick to point your fucking finger on me.
i want to be free,
too many fakes around me,
They're ready to judge my lifestyle
And my beliefs
Do you know what I mean?
I'm still here after all these years,
Holding these feelings alive.
I'm looking back in the past days
Those moments are fading away.
I remember all the things
That give me strength
And the reason to carry on.
Amazing shows and many good bands
And good friends all around.
i don't care what you think of me,
I'm still real
What's wrong with me?
If I still believe in what
You don't believe anymore?
What's wrong with me?
You said I'm sold out. SHUT UP!
You said I'm a looser. FUCK YOU!